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Check out our original LaunchCard, the one that started it all. Launchable is a mobile app development company specializing in education through the use of augmented reality.

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Through PALS ordering and sending drinks is as easy as the tap of a button. Birthdays, celebrations, graduations, no matter the occasion Pals is the ideal way of showing those you love most that you care.

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myLoop is a content engagement platform connecting individuals within communities that share professional passions. We allow for professionals to connect in value-driven communities within their local area called Loops.

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With LaunchCards your generic card becomes a unique piece of advertising. Forget the boring cards of yesterday and move to the cards of tommorow by integrating augmented reality. Express who you and your company truly are with videos and 3D animations that make your card one of a kind.

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At Launchable we created the LaunchCard platform as a space for companies and small businesses to share their cards in a unique way. Check out all the great offerings we have to help add some life to your card.


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